633 Third Avenue


633 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Entire Easterly block front of Third Avenue between 40th & 41st Streets

Building Size:
Approximately 1,000,000 square feet

Building Height:
41 stories

Year Built:
1962, designed by Harrison and Abramowitz

Commercial Condominium: floors 31 – 39 Time Equities, Inc. Other prestigious owners include First American Title Insurance Company, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Society, UNICEF owned by Art Omi, an affiliate of Time Equities Inc., and the Consulate General of Switzerland

Sandhurst Associates, a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Fisher Brothers

The two-story lobby, which was renovated in 1996, designed by Kohn, Pederson, Fox. Concierge leads into two 18-foot wide corridors providing access to a centrally located core containing the elevator banks.

Steel frame and concrete slab floors

Building Security:
Closed-circuit television surveillance through 8 cameras with 3 monitoring the lobby, 2 dedicated to the loading dock and 2 used in the concourse level. 24/7 attended lobby. All visitors are given guest passes.

Floor Load:
50lbs per SF

Ceiling Heights:
Slab-to-slab heights are 11'-10"

Electrical Capacity:
Submetered with 6 watts per usable square foot connected load.

Base Building Hours: Provided weekdays from 8AM to 6PM.

Air Handling System:
Draw-through type located on the mechanical floors provide conditioned air to the unit supply mains.

Distribution System:
Exterior Zones: Ducted air through ceiling diffusers and perimeter units. Ventilation is provided by both the perimeter induction units and primary air provided from the central air handlers.

Interior zone is distributed through ducted ceiling diffusers. Final room temperature control within the perimeter offices is achieved by a thermostatically controlled throttling valve. The temperature within internal spaces is controlled by the air temperature as set by the central building system.

Chilled Water:
Condenser water is pumped on a constant volume basis to the air handler cooling coils and to the secondary water heat exchangers.

Supplemental Cooling:
There are numerous supplemental cooling devices including all of the LAN closets.

Eight (8) cabs service floors 25 – 40. Two (2) freight cabs. All elevators have a 4,000 lbs capacity.

Loading docks:
Three (3) interior docks (30' x 12').

Men's, women's, and an ADA compliant bathrooms are located on every floor.

Life Safety System:
Class "E" Firecom 8500 system.

Storage Rooms:
Over 5,000 SF of storage is available for lease in the basement of the Building.

Parking Garages:
There are many parking garages in the immediate area.

The Building is located eithin close proximity to Grand Central Station.